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Custom Mounted Military Ribbon & Medal Sets and Hereditary Society Medal Mounting Services
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Orders are processed in the order they are confirmed
Orders are confirmed when:
– You have confirmed that your awards list and shipping address are correct AND
– You have elected a method of payment and payment has been mailed or received via PayPal

Shipping & Handling costs vary but for the most part are $7.20 for Priority Mail
– Priority Shipping includes insurance up to $50.00
– Additional insurance coverage is based on current USPS costs and replacement value of your order
– All packages ship insured; we do not cover loss or damage unless insured

PayPal – Paid to mimribbons@gmail.com
Checks – payable to Military Image Maker
M.O. – payable to Military Image Maker

Payment mailing address:

Military Image Maker
19483 Bryce Putnam Drive
Frenchtown, MT 59834

*Note:  Orders are considered confirmed and ready to process when payment has been received or we know the date that payment was actually mailed.  We do not wait to have mailed payments in hand to work your order.

Military Ribbon/Medals                                                                             

Regular Size Ribbons    $1.70 ea.
Ribbons w/frames          $2.25 ea.
Regular Size Devices     $ .70 ea.
Miniature Devices           $ .80 ea.
Mini Medal price varies; most are $10.30 ea.
Mini Medal Remount       $3.35 ea.
Large Medal Remount    $4.45
Device Remount             $ .25 ea. unit
Rows Remounted           $1.50 ea.

Other Pricing:

Spouse’s Medal of Courage Pricing click HERE
Sigma Ultra Fine Point Pens Pricing click HERE
Hereditary Society Medal Mounting Pricing click HERE


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Military Ribbon and Medal Set Price Quote Request Form – Click Here

Hereditary Society Medal Mounting Price Quote Request Form – Click HERE

Sigma Micron Ultra Fine Tip Pens Price Quote Request Form – Click HERE

Spouse’s Medal of Courage Price Quote Request Form – Click HERE

Customer Frequently Asked Questions


  • How long does it to complete my order?
    –  We ask for two weeks from the date that you have confirmed your order however usually ship sooner
  • Can you help me if I have an unexpected short notice need?
    –  We can usually accommodate short notice needs and work these isolated orders after normal business hours so as not to affect our normal turnaround times
  • Can you update my current ribbon set or do I have to order an entire new set?
    –  Please keep in mind that updates are unique.  If you are adding a new ribbon then every ribbon above the new ribbon will have to be replaced.  Sometimes we can save and reuse the bottom rows if they are  serviceable.  It always best to give Trish a call to discuss your updates.
  • Can I update devices without having to purchase an entire set?
    –  Yes, and we do not charge for devices if your set was previously made by Military Image Maker.  We do however charge normal Postage/Handling and USPS insurance costs to cover replacement value.  Please note if you need to replace a ribbon because you are changing from a 4 bronze oak leaf cluster device to a silver oak leaf cluster then we will charge $1.70 to replace the ribbon.
  • Can you update my miniature medal set with a new medal?
    –  Yes, and we encourage our customers to mail in whatever mini medals they currently have.  You will save a minimum of $6.95 per remount.  We will remount your medallions with new drape.
  • This page will be updated as we receive more feedback and questions.